Kuupäev: 29th of Sept 2022
Kellaaeg: 7 PM
Koht: Vilde ja Vine, Tartu
Aadress: Vallikraavi 4, Tartu

This is the second TarSlämm Poetry Slam night in English! Come and join us!
29th of September at 7:00 PM at Vilde ja Vine
TarSlämm is a series of poetry slam nights in Tartu. For the second time in English! The poets will have 3 minutes to impress the audience and the shiniest performances will be recognized with prizes! All the courageous poets will be offered a glass of wine or juice by Vilde and Vine.
🌟 If you want to perform send us a FB message or an email tarslamm@gmail.com. 🌟
JUDGES are chosen from the AUDIENCE!
💡 Guest poet: HASSO KRULL (EST)
MCs: Sirel Heinloo and Toomas Leppik.
Poster design: Hanna Stina Heinloo.
Entrance: 3€
(take some cash with you; performers for free)
1. Poets have 3 minutes (plus a 14-second grace period) to perform an original poem of their own in the 1st round and 2 minutes in the 2nd (if they have passed in the 2nd too).
For each 15” more, the poet is penalized with 0,5 points less from the total score.

2. The poet may not use props, costumes or musical instruments.

3. We encourage the poets to perform their poems without reading from a paper or any device. The audience loves it! 😉

4. Each poet should have prepared 2 poems (one 3 min and one 2 min long), in case he or she passes in the second round.
1. The judges are selected from the audience. We have 5 judges and the score should be between 0 -10. The higher and lower score are dropped and the middle three are added together, giving the poet a total score of 0-30.
2. Judges should pay attention on both, the poem and the performance, when they give the score to each poet, and without being influenced from the other judges.
TarSlämm is organized by Eesti Lavaluule MTÜ (www.lavaluule.ee). Supported by Vilde ja Vine, Tartu Student Days (https://studentdays.ee/…/tarslamm-poetry-slam-in-english/) , No More Amber – Baltic Literary Review and Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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